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This little piece was commissioned as a gift for people who subsequently came for a mini crash course! 

These hardy souls made lovely pieces despite the freezing conditions. Using a sgraffito method to scratch through the painted surface on the glass  - the very individual  results are below.   

Catrin Davies
Busy Summer!

Between everything it's been a lovely, busy couple of months. I have had the east window of Eglwys y Santes Fair of Ystrad Fflur on the bench for restoration.

Wonderful to see it back in place in the middle of last month.

Just in time for a weekend of launching the Strata Florida Project to preserve the Great Abbey Farm for future generations. 

Catrin Davies
Mono-printing workshop

The mono-printing workshop was on Saturday. Lovely to see people being so, so productive and creative. The three attending were able to spread themselves all over the studio - so there were prints everywhere! With Fiona being a total newcomer to mono-printing - her enthusiastic "Wow, how did THAT happen" every now and then was a tonic!

Thank you ladies for coming. Diolch o galon am ddod.


Catrin Davies
Drop in day

Diolch yn fawr! To you who came to the studio - it was good to see you working at the light table, painting on glass - with lovely results.

It was a change to have people in the studio - a welcome change since usually my work is a fairly solitary affair.  

Catrin Davies
Little panels

I've been making up some of the little panels - silver staining them and leading them up with borders. I've been making images of birds for a while but needed to add to them, and the chapels have been going on in the background of my mind for a long, long time! The tropical looking one is from a different influence ... These small pieces are an opportunity to experiment and to be playful.

I now have set dates for the courses I've got planned looking forward!


Catrin Davies